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passive income work from home Feb 21, 2022
blog title 7 Online Jobs at Home

Working from home

Working from home may seem like a pipe dream, but it's totally possible. Honestly, I think most of us realized this during the global pandemic of 2020.


There are tons of reasons you may want to work from home: more freedom, more time with your family, or working in your pj's (yes, please).


Whatever your reason, here are 7 legit online jobs you can do from home. 


1. Create and sell an online course


Do you have skills, passions, or knowledge that you could share with others? Then you might consider creating an online course!


An online course is a collection of pre-recorded videos, worksheets, and other helpful information that teaches on a certain topic.


You can literally create an online course about anything! 

Here are some examples below:

•  eating to heal from an autoimmune disease

• how to start a successful Etsy store

• how to play guitar for beginners

• DIY car maintenance

• how to do powder dip nails

That's just to name a FEW! 


Online courses are our bread and butter here at Meet the Bowdens. You can learn more about online courses here.


Pay: Unlimited potential! Most online courses are between $197-$997


2. Create and sell digital downloads

Digital downloads are any type of content that you can download from the internet. The most common types are printables like teacher resources, party invitations, posters, etc. 


You can sell your digital downloads on your own website or use Shopify, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Etsy.


Here are some specific examples of digital downloads:

• elementary math lesson plans

• kid's editable birthday party invitations

• recipe eBook for keto dieters

• clip art

• fonts

• stock photos 


Digital downloads take some time to create, and the price point is usually low. The best way to be successful is to make sure you're marketing efforts are on point! You'll have to spend a good amount of time creating, but then you can make sales at any time.


Pay: Unlimited potential (but lower than an online course); Most digital downloads are between $3-$10


3. Virtual assistant


A virtual assistant is someone who helps a business owner complete regular tasks. 


Virtual assistants can do a variety of jobs such as:

  • create graphics
  • answer emails
  • manage Facebook groups
  • write emails
  • schedule pins to Pinterest
  • bookkeeping
  • schedule meetings  

A virtual assistant usually sets their own hours and completes tasks by a certain deadline.


You can check out virtual assistant job openings on Indeed, Fiverr, and Upwork.


Pay: $15-30/hour depending on experience and referrals


4. Social media manager


A social media manager creates and schedules images, writes captions, analyzes data, and helps a business grow through social media.


This job usually requires some experience, so you could start as a virtual assistant first. 


With so many new businesses popping up, social media managers are needed! 


You could help a business with:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest 

This job is perfect if you have an eye for graphic design and also love marketing!


You can check out social media job openings on LinkedIn and Indeed.


Pay: $25-$50/hour depending on experience and referrals


5. Copywriter / Freelance Writer


Do you love to write? These jobs may be perfect for you!


A copywriter helps a business with marketing and messaging. They write emails, social media captions, sales pages, and more. 


A freelance writer helps with small writing tasks like blog posts, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and more. They can even write short passages for teacher resources. 


Check out Problogger JobsBloggingPro, and Fiverr for job openings.


 Pay: $25-$50/hour depending on experience and referrals


6. Online tutor/teacher


Are you a teacher or love working with kids? You may love teaching online!


Some of these jobs do require a bachelor's degree, but not necessarily in education. 


You must be knowledgeable about the subject area and have the equipment to teach online (microphone, webcam, tablet, etc.)


Check out job openings at Tutor.comVIPkid, and Chegg Tutors


Pay: $15-$50/hour


7. Data entry


If you're looking for a no-experience-required job, then data entry is for you! Anyone with a computer can do this job. 


You can set your own hours (usually) as long as you complete the work by the deadline. 


Check out job openings at Upwork and Working Solutions.


 Pay: $10-$20/hour depending on the job


Passive vs. Active


Let's talk about passive and active jobs for a minute. If your goal is to have more freedom with your time, you may want a more passive online job. 


Here at Meet the Bowdens, we are all about passive income and creating an automated business. 


The first two options are the best for passive income. The other 5 are more active jobs. 


Our fave?


Our favorite option is #1, online courses! We have personally been able to start and grow a multiple 6-figure business with an online course. 


Want to learn how? Grab our free guide here


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