Passive income is...

passive income Feb 10, 2022
blog title Passive income is...

Passive income is...

Passive income is money earned from a part of your business even though you're not actively working on that part of your business.


Passive income means flexibility with your time. It doesn't mean you won't ever work again. It means you get to choose when you'll work again. 

For our family, passive income means we can go to the park with our toddler on a random Tuesday and still make money.


It means we can take time off when we're sick or when our toddler has a play at preschool.


It means WE decide what we will do with our time. Can I get a hallelujah ๐Ÿ™Œ!


Passive income means we have set up our business so that we can earn sales at any time, even though we aren't actively marketing (our Pinterest, Facebook Ads,  and other content are doing that for us!)

Passive income is not...

  • fast

Passive income is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, most passive income businesses take a lot of time and preparation to set up correctly. 

  • easy

Starting and scaling an online, passive income business is far from easy. Take it from me who hustled every day before my baby woke up, every minute she napped, and after she went to bed. 

  • lazy

Someone who wants a passive income business isn't lazy.


The "hustle" culture of America (and other countries) is all about working hard for hard work's sake.


There's nothing wrong with hard work.


But what are you working for?


When I started my business, I wanted to have more time with my family. I wanted to stay home with my baby instead of sending her to daycare. 


I worked hard so I would have the freedom and flexibility that I have now. 


Now, I have the freedom to work on other things that matter: nurturing my family, serving the members of my community, and giving back to those around the world. 


  • all or nothing

 Passive income is a scale. The only way to earn money 100% passively is to win the lottery or inherit money (at least legally...๐Ÿ˜‚)

No business is 100% passive.


Either you are doing the work, or you're paying someone to do the work.


You're checking in on things occasionally. You're keeping tabs on your money. You (or a team member) or actively doing SOMETHING.


However, there are ways to make your business closer to the passive end of the scale. More on that in the last section of this post!

  • too good to be true

Because many people assume passive income is "quick and easy", they also assume it's too good to be true. And rightfully so!


But starting and growing a passive income business the right way takes time, intentionally, a lot of work.


Passive income is real and totally possible! We know from personal experience and from those we've helped do the same.


How do I earn passive income?

Great question! Our favorite way is through creating and selling online courses on autopilot. 


An online course is a way to share your passions and knowledge with the world.


It takes a lot of work to set them up correctly. But, that's how we have earned passive income for our family. Learn more in our free guide here.

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