Create & launch your own online course!


Let me guess...

You’ve spent some late nights on Google researching:

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The more you search and consider different options, the more overwhelmed you get.
They all seem like a huge waste of time, money, and energy. 

You may be thinking:

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Where do I even start...

There are so many options out there, and most of them seem like scams. If I have to cold DM that mean girl from high school, count me out.

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I barely have enough time as it is...

Between laundry, cooking, and keeping the kids alive, how will I ever have time to start a business? It seems so overwhelming.

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I'm scared to put myself out there...

I can't be a TikTok mom. I just can't. How do I find customers for my business without all the silly dances or constant social media content?

The thing is...

You’re not looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. You just want more freedom.

The freedom to work when (and where) you want.

The freedom to contribute financially to your family without sacrificing time with your kids.

You’re not trying to be a millionaire. 

You just want a second to slow down, drink your coffee (while it’s still hot), and start a business that excites you for a change.

You’re so thankful for what you have, but you know your life has the potential for so much more.


Here’s where it gets good...

You can create an online business that actually helps people while giving you financial freedom


👉 By creating your own online course.


An online course is a way to share your passions, knowledge, and skills with the world – and get paid for doing it (yes, please)!

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You don't have to trade your time for money.
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You don’t have to use slimy sales tactics.
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You can set your own hours.
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You can work from anywhere.

🥳 You can serve people and make an impact on the world while earning money.

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Hey there, I'm Lindsay Bowden.

I was able to start and grow a multiple 6-figure online course business during nap time.

I created an online course in 2019 that has earned my family over $800K.


I was able to do this without a business degree (former teacher here 🙋‍♀️) or prior experience with an online business.


I've now sold my online course to 2,000+ students, and I'm so excited to show you exactly how to ensure your online course success.

What if starting a business wasn't scary? Imagine feeling...

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You've finally found a business that you feel good about. You're helping others solve a problem while providing for your family.

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You're not doing this alone. You'll be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are supporting you along the way. 

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You're excited to share your offer with the world because you're actually passionate about your niche.

All that is possible and more...

It's time to build a business that makes an impact while providing for your family.


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Your step-by-step program for creating and launching your own online course or membership.



"Lindsay’s expert advice made for a stress-free launch!"


“I am so grateful for Lindsay’s help with my first course launch. She gave excellent advice and was there to support me every step of the way. Thanks to her help and detailed feedback, I was able to create a successful video series to generate interest in my course. Lindsay also helped me “troubleshoot” along the way. Her expert advice made for a stress-free launch. If you’re interested in learning how to launch a course or generate passive income, you want Lindsay Bowden in your corner.” 

- Beth, AP Language Expert @CoachHallWrites

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Heres what's inside Hey Online Course™:

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Build Your Brand [8 Days]

We'll knock the basics out in just 8 days.


• How to choose a profitable online course topic using the 3 profitability factors

• How to ensure you find your perfect customers

• How to map out your customer journey so all of your offers flow seamlessly 

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Start Your List [18 Days]

You can't launch to an audience of zero! Let's find our customers.


• How to choose the best email service provider

• How to create a valuable freebie that your future customers actually want

• How to set up all the tech 

• How to write your lead magnet sequence + nurture sequence emails 

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Grow Your List [18 Days]

Let's grow our audience full of future customers so we're ready for a course launch.


• How to quickly grow an engaged email list without ads using my signature Email Kickstarter™ strategy

• How to organize and repurpose your content so you never run out of ideas

• How to choose the best marketing platform to use 

• How to set-up and utilize Facebook ads (optional)

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Create Your Course  [~35 Days]

It's time to actually create the course! I'll show you the easiest way.


• How to create your course using my  Radiant Result™ method to ensure it sells

• All the tech behind creating and hosting your course

• How and when to beta launch your course before you even finish creating it

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Launch Your Course [~25 Days]

Let's launch this course, baby!


• My exact live launch formula for 5- and 6-figure launches

• How to create a launch catalyst event that fills your funnel full of potential customers

• Checklists, calendars, launch graphic templates, email templates, galore!


"I made $55,000 in 7 days!"

-Steve Buch, Google Sheets Expert



“Lindsay gave me the clarity I needed to launch confidently.”


“I loved working with Lindsay to iron out the details of my launch. She helped me work through the ideas I had, came up with solutions to my problems, and encouraged me to try some new things. More than anything, Lindsay gave me the clarity I needed to launch confidently and was there for me throughout my launch anytime I needed something.”  

- Brianne, Organization Expert @BusyMissBeebe

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Alright, Lindsay, but...

I can already hear those doubts in your head, so let's talk about them!

🚫 Limiting belief: I'm not an expert at anything.


 ✅ Truth: No one is an expert at everything, but anyone can be an expert at something (yes, even you). You just need to be one step ahead of your customer.

We'll start the course by brainstorming what you already love and know about. Plus, we'll think about all your life experiences and challenges you've overcome. *Everyone* has something they can teach about!

🚫 Limiting belief: My niche is saturated. / It's all been done before.


✅ Truth: It's actually a *good* thing if others have successfully sold a course in your chosen niche! They've done the work for you! This ensures that people want a course in your niche.

Here's what will make you stand out: your personality, teaching style, life experiences, and unique method. We'll cover all of that in Hey Online Course™!

🚫 Limiting belief: I don't have time to create a course.

 ✅ Truth: All the more reason to create a business that gives you time freedom, my friend!

Creating and launching an online course isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. We all know those don't work. But creating an online course will give you the ability to have more freedom with your time and finances while actually making a difference in the world. And trust me, I'll make it as easy as possible with checklists, day-by-day action steps, and a community to help you along the way.

🚫 Limiting belief: I don't have an audience / social media following. Who will buy my course?

 ✅ Truth: Every single person who has successfully sold an online course starts with an audience of zero. 

That’s why I dedicated 2 whole modules to starting and growing your audience! I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to do this so you’ll grow your audience as you create your course. And no, you don’t have to post on social media every day.

Let's talk details!


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The Complete Hey Online Course™ Program

5 modules with step-by-step guidance to help you create and launch your online course from start to finish


Value: $2,997

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Monthly 1-hour group coaching calls

Meet with Lindsay or a team member once a month (first Monday or Wednesday of every month at noon EST) to get all your questions answered. Recordings always available, and you can submit questions beforehand!


Value: $297

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Hey Online Course™ Checklists

Printable checklists with action steps to help you stay on track throughout each module


Value: $97

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Printable Note-Taking Guide + Workbooks

Printable guides that outline each module in detail so you can organize all the information + workbooks to keep you on track


Value: $297

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Templates galore

Email templates galore and my own exact lead magnet & launch emails. Plus, data templates, content organizers, and more!


Value: $497

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Exclusive, members-only Facebook community

Hang out with the other Hey Online Course™ members and collaborate, get feedback, and stay on track


Value: $497

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Accountability groups

If desired, you will be matched with an accountability group 2-4 like-minded entrepreneurs with instructions on how to meet weekly and work towards your goals.


Value: $497

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Quarterly content planning + Chat GPT training

Learn exactly how I plan an entire quarter of content in around 30 minutes + how I use ChatGPT to 10x the process!


Value: $297

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Monthly challenges

Each month, we'll have a new challenge for you to complete to keep you on track and motivated. Prizes including coaching calls, gift cards, and social media shout outs!


Value: $197

Plus tons of bonus tutorials from experts in the industry including: 

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Stacy Aguilar

Graphic design & Kajabi website design

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Grace Griffith

Copywriting & launch emails

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Laine Sutherland

WordPress website design

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Coley from Life Goals Magazine

Blogging SEO

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Amy & Jennifer from Spark Media Concepts


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Ashley from Honest Ads Company

Facebook Ads

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Kryshla from Shall We Social

Instagram Reels

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Emilee Vales


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Samantha The TikTok Coach


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Brittany Rincon


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Jenzaia from JD Marketing

Facebook ads

Value: $5,000+

When you add that all up, it comes to $10K+

But you can join today for a special investment of just:



per month

  •  Cancel anytime [hassle free]

  •  The entire Hey Online Course™ course (5 modules packed with step-by-step tutorials) [value $2,997]

  • Monthly 1-hour group coaching calls with Lindsay or team member [value $297]
  • Checklists for each module to keep you on track [value $97]

  •  Printable guides, workbooks, worksheets, and more [value $497]

  •  An exclusive, members-only Facebook group [value $497]

  •  Expert guest tutorials [value $5K+]

  •  Monthly challenges with prizes including 1-on-1 coaching with Lindsay [value $197]

  •  Accountability groups [value $297]




per year

  • 2 months free 

  •  Cancel anytime [hassle free]

  •  The entire Hey Online Course™ course (5 modules packed with step-by-step tutorials) [value $2,997]

  • Monthly 1-hour group coaching calls with Lindsay or team member [value $297]
  • Checklists for each module to keep you on track [value $97]

  •  Printable guides, workbooks, worksheets, and more [value $497]

  •  An exclusive, members-only Facebook group [value $497]

  •  Expert guest tutorials [value $5K+]

  •  Monthly challenges with prizes including 1-on-1 coaching with Lindsay [value $197]

  •  Accountability groups [value $297]


 "I knew I had an online course inside me, and I just didn't know how to put it together."

-Annette, Math Resource Expert @CountOnKupe


Check out these wins from the Hey Online Course™ community!

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Our 100% Guarantee

I'm 100% confident that this program paired with your commitment and effort can get you life-changing results. But listen, if you invest in this course and realize it just isn't right for you - then it's not for you. No matter what purchase path you chose, if you decide that you've changed your mind, you can email us within 3 days, and we'll refund your money in full.

"Lindsay gave me manageable steps to get started.


“After working with Lindsay, I feel like I had a super clear vision for my idea of launching a course. Not only did I have an idea nailed down, but Lindsay also gave me manageable steps to get started and work towards launching my course.”  

- Malia, TPT Expert @TheMaliaRivera

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Have more questions? I've got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

"If you're on the fence...I can assure you that you'll love Lindsay's method of teaching."


-Lindsey, Baking Expert @HeyBakingBuddy

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This program is the perfect fit for you if…

  • You're excited about the possibilities of creating an online course, but you have no idea where to start. You need a roadmap to tell you how to start from scratch to create an online course and make it profitable.
  • You already have an online course, but you want to ensure a successful course launch.
  • You've had some late nights doing a ton of research, but it's done nothing but overwhelm you with all the options. You need someone with experience who's been in your shoes to help you sort it all out and find clarity about the next steps.
  • You want to help people by sharing your knowledge of a specific topic....and increase your income at the same time.
  • You're ready to ditch the hustle and bustle and set out on a journey that can help you slow down and find a lifestyle that you absolutely love.

"She makes everything so manageable by breaking down each process step by step."


-Robin, Praxis Test Expert @Robin.Cornecki


"Lindsay has gone above and beyond with her course."


-Maria, Preschool Expert @MyPreschoolerAndMe


I'm not different.

I don't have a business degree.

I had no prior experience.

I never thought I was knowledgeable enough to create an online course.

But I did it. 

If I can do it, you can, too. You just have to take the first step

Everything you need to start and grow an online course business that earns you and your family income while making an impact is waiting for you inside Hey Online Course™. 

Take the leap.

I'll see you inside. 

Cheering you on,


Let's do this!
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