020: How To Build A Product Suite In Your Online Biz

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Creating a Product Suite and Customer Journey


Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! Ready to learn how to maximize your business's potential and create multiple streams of income? In this episode, we're talking about desiging a product suite and a customer journey that will set your business up for long-term success.


Understanding the Product Suite

A product suite is essentially a collection of what you're offering - from courses and memberships to mini-courses, ebooks, and digital downloads. The important trick here? Keep it all connected within your niche. Being multi-passionate is commendable, but in the early days, focus on a specific niche that will help your brand stand out.


The Customer Journey

Now, let’s talk about the customer journey. It’s like guiding your audience through a journey of discovery, starting with a freebie and leading them up to the big course. Why? Because cold audiences are less likely to invest in a big-ticketed product from a brand that they just discovered. The customer journey usually starts with a freebie or lead magnet, serving as the entry point for new audiences. Take a look at this example of building your product suite and creating a customer journey: 


Freebie/Lead Magnet: Example: "How to Get Your Dog to Walk on a Leash in Five Easy Steps" for a dog training niche. This free content builds trust and initiates the customer's learning journey.

Low-Ticket Offer/Mini Course: Example: "How to Potty Train Your Puppy in 14 Days" (priced under $100). A more affordable option allowing customers to experience your expertise without a significant financial commitment.

Signature Offer/Course: Example: "DIY Dog Training Masterclass" – a comprehensive course covering everything from puppy to adult training. This is the core offering, providing in-depth knowledge and value.

Additional Products/Upsells: Example: "The Ultimate List of Dog Tricks" (ebook) or specific templates for dog training. These can be standalone products or upsells, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Membership: For ongoing support in the dog training journey. A membership model caters to customers seeking continuous engagement and support.


Crafting a product suite and customer journey isn’t just a strategy - it’s a game-changer for your business! Not only are you diversifying your income; you’re building a trusting audience. As your business grows, keep tweaking and expanding your offerings. Your online business journey awaits - you got this!


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