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5 Steps to a $5K Course Launch

A 30ish minute training that gives you my exact P.A.I.D. framework for successful course launches!

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100+ Profitable Digital Product Ideas

A curated, organized list of amazing digital product ideas to help you brainstorm your perfect digital product!

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Let's ditch the financial struggle and use money as a tool to live whatever life you choose!

I love helping people. I went into the field of teaching to help students. Now, I get to continue to teach and help families in a way I never thought was possible. I can't wait to help you pursue your vision!

Choose your profitable online course topic in just 5 days!

This mini-course covers:

✔️ How to start with what you already love and know- you want this business to be enjoyable

✔️The 3 Profitability Factors - let's make sure your course will sell

✔️ How to make the final decision - let's choose our online course topic the smart way!


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Launch an audience of future customers in just 5 days!

This mini-course covers:

✔️ The best way to build an audience without spending hours on social media

✔️The #1 predictor of online course success - it might not be what you think!

✔️ How to grow your audience fast for free - no paid ads needed for these proven strategies


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Create and launch a mini-offer in just 30 days!

This mini-course covers:

✔️ Choosing what you'll create - you want to pick the right mini-offer for your customer journey

✔️ Developing the content - we'll choose the name, map out the content, and actually create it

✔️ How to launch and automate - launch your offer and put it on autopilot so you can focus on other things in your biz!


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Create and launch your own online course or membership!

This course + membership covers:

✔️ Building your brand - let's choose your profitable course idea & identify your ideal customers

✔️ Starting & growing an email list - we'll find your customers so you don't launch to an audience of zero

✔️ Creating & launching your course - I'll show you the easiest way to create your course + my exact launch strategies

✔️ Support every step of the way - join our members-only Facebook group + gain access to monthly group coaching calls


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