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The Mini Offer Masterclass


Welcome back! If you tuned in to my episode last week about building a product suite, you probably caught my enthusiasm for mini offers. These bite-sized products are low-risk and easy to create. In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of mini offers, covering what they are, when to create them, how to price them, and providing ideas to spark your creativity. 


What is a Mini Offer?

A mini offer, also known as a low ticket offer or self-liquidating offer, is a wallet-friendly product that addresses a specific, smaller problem compared to a full course. These are typically priced between $7 and $97, making them accessible and an attractive entry point for potential customers. Ebooks, template bundles, mini courses, or virtual conferences are some examples.


Why Mini Offers?

Creating a mini offer is less intimidating than developing a massive course. The lower price point makes it easier for customers to take the plunge without significant financial commitment. In today's uncertain economic climate, mini offers under $50 are gaining popularity, offering a low-risk entry into your brand. 


Logistics of a Mini Offer

Timing: Mini offer timing varies – some launch before a signature course for quick revenue, others prefer a solid course foundation first. 

Pricing: Start low, adjust based on testimonials, and prioritize introducing customers to your brand for future higher-ticket purchases. 

Hosting: Decide where and how to host your mini offer – platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, or email services with payment options work. Tailor your delivery method to your audience and mini offer type.


Launching Your Mini Offer

Treat your mini offer launch as seriously as you would a full-course launch. Craft a compelling sales page, use graphics, and create a sense of urgency, whether through an open-closed cart strategy or time-limited discounts. Don’t forget to grab those testimonials during the launch for future marketing! 

Once launched, keep the promo train rolling. Integrate it into your website, socials, and emails. Use it strategically as an upsell or bonus during bigger launches.


Whether you're diving into mini offers before or after a signature course, start small, learn, and iterate. They're fantastic for engaging your audience, making some cash, and setting the stage for bigger things. If you want a step-by-step guide, check out my "Mini Offer in a Month" course

Wishing you all the best with your mini offer journey – launch that baby into the world and share those success stories! 


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