028: Our 6-Figure Live Launch Strategy - Part 1

online business podcast Mar 13, 2024


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Live Launch Strategy: Part 1

Welcome back to the Course Creation Mama Podcast! Today, I'm joined by the amazing Emily, my right-hand woman and online business manager. We're diving deep into the logistics of our six-figure live launch strategy, and I couldn't be more excited to share this with you!


Getting Started: Choosing Your Launch Strategy

So, let's kick things off by talking about live-launch strategies. There's many options out there, from challenges to webinars to video series. But why do we love challenges so much? Well, it's all about that sense of community and participation. Challenges make your audience feel like active participants in the launch, not just passive observers.


Finding Your Fit: Tailoring Your Strategy

Now, choosing the right strategy for your course depends on a variety of factors, like your audience, your personality, and the nature of your content. If you're teaching a specific skill, like creating resources for teachers, a challenge is perfect. It allows participants to learn and implement immediately, giving them a taste of what your course has to offer.

On the other hand, if your course is more about a broader concept or framework, like building an online course business, challenges can still work. You just need to adapt the challenge to focus more on mindset shifts and big-picture ideas rather than step-by-step skills.


Planning for Success: The Pre-Launch Phase

Alright, let's talk logistics. Before you even think about launching, you need to lay the groundwork during the pre-launch phase. This is where Emily works her magic, setting up systems and processes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

First things first, set up your project management system (we love Asana) and start plotting out your timeline. Work backward from your launch date, scheduling key tasks like recording challenge videos, writing pre-launch emails, and creating landing pages.


Crafting Your Message: The Power of Pre-Launch Emails

Now, let's talk about those pre-launch emails. This is your chance to build anticipation and get people excited about your upcoming challenge or webinar. And here's a pro tip: if it's your first launch, save your emails, templates, and checklists so you can refine and reuse them for future launches.


Setting the Stage: Creating Landing Pages that Convert

Your landing pages are like your launch pad—they're where your audience takes off on their journey with you. You'll need a sign-up page for your challenge or webinar, a thank-you page to confirm their registration, and a sales page for your course. Keep them simple, focused, and easy to navigate.


Building Community: The Power of a Pop-Up Facebook Group

Last but not least, let's talk about the secret sauce of our live launches: the pop-up Facebook group. This temporary community is where the magic happens. It's where your participants gather to complete their challenge assignments, ask questions, and connect with each other. Plus, it gives you a direct line to your audience, allowing you to engage with them in real-time and build that connection and trust. 


What's Next?

And that’s a wrap for today’s blog post! In our next episode, we'll discuss the launch itself and what comes after. So stay tuned, because we've got even more insights, strategies, and behind-the-scenes secrets to share. And in the meantime, Hey, Online Course, is here for more help with your launch!


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