029: Our 6-Figure Live Launch Strategy - Part 2

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Six-Figure Live Launch Strategy

Welcome back! In this podcast episode, my online business manager, Emily, and I cover part two of our six-figure live launch strategy. We’re covering everything from pre-launch to post-launch reflections. Get ready to jot down some notes from this enlightening discussion!


Pre-Launch: Setting the Stage

Before the launch even kicks off, there's a lot of groundwork to cover. Our strategy begins about two weeks prior to the launch date, although it usually stretches to four to six weeks of preparation. During this phase, key activities include opening the Facebook group, announcing the challenge, and inviting participants to sign up. It's crucial to create a buzz and build anticipation among your audience.


Launch Period: Engaging Your Audience

Once the launch period begins, our mission is to keep the energy high and our audience engaged. We typically run a four-day challenge, sending out bite-sized videos via email each day. These videos are packed with actionable steps related to the challenge topic, designed to empower participants and pave the way for the transformations our course offers.


Open Cart: Sealing the Deal

As the challenge wraps up, the Open Cart phase begins. This overlaps with the challenge's last day, allowing participants to seamlessly transition into considering purchasing the course. We usually extend this period to seven days, allowing folks enough time to explore the course details and make informed decisions.

During Open Cart, consistent communication via email is essential. We weave in stories, address pain points, debunk myths, and offer previews of the course content. Testimonials, stats, and incentives like discounts or bonuses can also be powerful motivators for potential buyers.


Post-Launch: Reflecting and Improving

Once the launch dust settles, it's time for some introspection and growth. We hit pause on the Facebook group, express gratitude to our participants, announce challenge winners, and dive deep into sales and email data analysis. Additionally, sending out surveys to understand why some participants didn't purchase provides valuable insights for future launches.

We also emphasize the importance of taking a breather and reflecting after a launch. It's not just about the numbers – it's about continuous learning and improvement. Every launch is a learning experience that shapes our strategies for the better.


Final Thoughts: Tailoring for Success

Remember, every business journey is unique. Customizing your strategies to align with your audience, niche, and resources is key to long-term success. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or stepping into your first launch, we hope this episode offers valuable insights and equips you with actionable tips to rock your live launch!

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